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Noting that there were no signs of injuries on Widlak’s body, the medical examiner concluded that Widlak had committed suicide.However, Widlak’s family was skeptical and arranged a second autopsy.By early October, there were still no signs of David Widlak.Investigators feared that the banker might have been the victim of foul play.In 1987, a Traverse City radio DJ named Steve Cook released a ballad about the Dogman that increased the monster’s popularity.Although Cook meant for the song to be a joke, listeners called in to share their own encounters. One of the more interesting stories came from Robert Fortney, an elderly man who claimed to have seen a similar creature in the late 1930s.The mystery of union big shot Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance is arguably one of the most famous in the US.Numerous places in Michigan and other states have been searched for his body.

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On the morning of September 20, 2010, a maintenance worker for the Community Central Bank in Mount Clemens, Michigan, found the empty car of company CEO David Widlak in the parking lot. So the worker called the police after finding Widlak’s office in complete disarray.

For whatever reason, Widlak had bought a semiautomatic handgun several weeks before he went missing.

Whether Widlak bought it for self-defense or because he felt suicidal has never been established.

He was seen waiting at the door for 26 seconds and then walking out by himself.

Although they acknowledged that Widlak might have disappeared voluntarily, the authorities declared him a missing person.