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Of its 11,390 missing persons, users had helped track down 278.The Doe Network’s page recording its “solves” and “assisted solves” says there have been “more than 67.” So the Skeleton Crew might have helped with a few hundred cases out of thousands.2017 CQ WW DX CW Contest Results – click here to view!2017 CQ WW DX SSB Contest Results – click here to view!2017 CQ WW VHF Contest Results – click here to view!2017 CQ WW WPX CW Contest Results – click here to view!But after Nam Us launched, many Web sleuths resisted it, precisely because it was hatched behind the blue curtain.

This, too, is a trademark of our Sherlocks and Mc Nultys: They kvetch about systemic problems (usually in state law-enforcement bureaucracies), but they rarely seek systemic solutions.Amateur sleuths congregate online, swapping information and theories, looking for details or connections, poring over facial reconstructions, dental records, and serial numbers on breast implants and artificial joints.Halber says these forums have “propelled a remarkable shift in the number of cases solved, and in the relationship between the public and law enforcement.” America has always loved the amateur detective, or the pro gone rogue.When a DNA test identified Tent Girl as Barbara Taylor, Matthews was in the courthouse conference room.“It was such an emotional moment for us all,” he said—“us all” now encompassing Matthews and, in the same room, the murder victim’s family.