Blacksingledating net

This claim was openly mocked by Nishimura on 2channel's splash page, and nothing of the sort happened, although 2channel's Japanese ISP ended its operations.

The discussion boards are also often used to coordinate real-life demonstrations; as an example, 2channel users organised an August 2011 rally against Fuji Television, under the concern that the channel was broadcasting too many Korean television shows.

(If you like the sound of that, these patches probably aren't for you.)Most of the games they put out are sufficiently esoteric that no one's interested in doing a retranslation, so often, these butchered versions are the only way to play the games in English.

That seemed like a real shame to me, so lately I've been working on this little project to restore the gameplay from the Japanese versions of these games.

If you're interested, I'm writing up the changes made to the games for TCRF.

Check these games' pages if you want details on what Working Designs did.------------ Sega CD ------------Lunar: The Silver Star (Sega CD) -- patch v1 (2/24/17) Tested all the way through and should work fine.