Dating sites rant

They are also complete bullshit, when you get right down to it.We all make choices and she isn’t choosing to “have a relationship with you,” contrary to her expressed desires.I suppose if all you are looking for is to get laid and have many partners, this is a decent strategy. This is about your time as a woman and your freedom to enjoy life! At the end she will try to explain why she can’t do that.Cruel to all those poor bastards you just lay and forget about, but who cares, right? Her explanations are all perfectly reasonable and heartfelt.

Because SOON the day will come when they have more time for me, they promise. Her disappointed, half-shrugging, half-smiling pleadings are almost always followed with words to the effect of, “It’s not you; it’s me.” But, truth told, it IS her.You have done everything right, or at least, you really did give it your best shot. The reason you fail is this one minor issue: she will never let you close enough to give her whatever it is that she so desperately wants in the first place, that thing that sends her out looking for a connection that can only be made if she were willing to give up on the idea that she doesn’t have the time.“Just fuck me, now.Then go disappear for awhile until I want you again”, seems to be the general underlying philosophy of these women.Your focus instead should be on being contacted by those you do want to date! After all, by then I had read her profile and done a bit of due diligence myself.