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Maggie Landers (best friend) Jill "Mouse" Chen (best friend) Walt Reynolds (best friend) Bennet Wilcox (friend) Larissa Loughlin (friend/mentor) Samantha-Jones (friend) Donna La Donna (ex-rival/friend) Caroline "Carrie" Bradshaw is the main character in The Carrie Diaries.

She is a fashion-forward senior at Castlebury High School with a love for writing.

In which Carrie goes to Sebastian's house to return the jacket and sees Maggie sleeping and the couch, Carrie figures they are in a relationship and drives off.

Later on Sebastian takes Maggie to the doctor to get an abortion but Maggie decides to take a few more days to figure out if she wants to have the abortion or not.

Sebastian calls Carrie (whom was at a party) and states that Maggie has collapsed and is at the hospital. Sebastian tells Carrie everything and they get back together.Upon returning home Carrie realizes that life without risks isn't fun and that she doesn't regret her decisions.She also states that, while she got good grade on her paper, she still doesn't know enough about sex, love, or the city to ever write about it again and then throws her birth control away.Carrie convinces Maggie to tell her dad that it was Simon who did it, not Sebastian.The next day, Simon goes to the school and tries to hurt Maggie but was blocked by Carrie who then almost got punched by Simon.