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The site offers a money-back guarantee, and subscribers have free access to the mobile version.( per month or 0 for one year)If your child has a social networking account, monitor his page and track keywords related to bullying, racial slurs, alcohol, cursing, and more.(.95)Track your child's activity on social networking sites, and monitor text and instant messages.Parents can receive a free sample report after typing a child's email address on the product's site to see what comes up in an Internet search.Parents can also prevent access to certain synchronized data and view the child's last GPS location.(.99 per month)Notification monitors send alerts when alarming keywords are used. There is time control, to limit when and for how long kids can access the internet, plus a setup assistant that allows parents to determine which online sites are appropriate by the child's age.

Reports of anything problematic are then viewed via email alerts and an online dashboard.

A mobile app version is also available for Android phones only.

(.99 per year for computers; .99 per year for one mobile device; .98 per year for three mobile devices)A mom who witnessed her daughter being cyberbullied started Online Guardian, which contains extensive controls (on an easy centralized dashboard) for tracking social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, You Tube, and My Space), instant messaging management, and malware protection.

The "alert view" reveals the adult helper who will provide assistance and the "helper's view" reveals the child's and the helper's locations to determine how far they are from each other.

(Free; i Phone, i Pad) This app lets you see posts from your kids containing drug references and vulgarities, know when they post photos and profile details that should not be public, and check when they add new friends that are out of a predetermined age or geographic range.