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Air Country Club for the likes of Clark Gable and Alan Ladd.

Golf has been an obsession ever since, to the extent that Natalie blamed the game, rather than Beatty, for the break-up of their first marriage.

One such recent property sale is the Ryon reports has been sold for “close to ,000,000.” Your Mama is undeterred.

We endeavor to scratch and claw until we get the answers we want from our vast web of sources, informants and tipsters.

The late revival of his career has been largely built around his cult baddie role as the one-eyed Number 2 – Dr Evil's deputy – in the Austin Powers movies, but Wagner says he isn't particularly fussed about the parts that come his way.

Obviously that just chaps Your Mama because it makes it so much more difficult for us to chase down information for the children.

Ms Wood was a strange, volatile blend of the tame and the exotic, the promiscuous and the demure.

He admits that these were difficult times, not least because being a big-time movie star was – to him, at least – the best thing in the world.

Born in Detroit, the son of a wealthy steel industry executive, he moved, with his family, to Beverly Hills when he was eight, and first became starstruck while caddying at the Bel?

It was Natalie's death, in 1981, that shattered the "nice guy" image that Wagner had basked in since his arrival in Hollywood 30 years earlier, primarily as a player of handsome, wholesome all-American hero parts.

Natalie, a former child-star, was at the peak of her enigmatic celebrity, and the couple, with fellow actor Christopher Walken, were taking a Thanksgiving break aboard their yacht, Splendour, off the coast of Southern California.