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Perhaps it's difficult for you to manage all the content via text .If this is the case, you might benefit from a live course.I know that my colleagues Cathy Mullahy and Sandy Lowery each teach live courses from time to time.Sandy is leading a 2-day CCM prep course at this year's CMSA conference in Austin, TX: .I however plan to pass my next exam attempt with some guidance.

Hi Kathleen, When do I get a certificate of completion?In terms of your Essentials online study materials, your access is good until mid-August. Reply Kaye -- I am aware of 3 additional live workshops available in the near future, presented by a colleague and fellow past president of CMSA.You can use this link to learn more:®/certification-workshop Reply Sarah -- Refer to the March 14, 2017 posting on this Essentials Discussion Forum, titled "New Material".That's what the Essentials materials are intended to do.Reply It's my understanding that there is an new -updated test. Reply Hi Kathleen, I have taken the Post Test but it is not showing the me the correct/incorrect answers - it shows my score only. after submitting tests, do you also receive the reasoning for correct answer?