Rob dyrdek dating chanel west coast yahoo

When I met him is when I really started pursuing my music because before him I didn't really know where to start.When I met him he told me he makes beats so I told him I rap and we started making music together.We became great friends and went on to be in a relationship.He was really young and was not faithful so I broke up with him and I got with a new boyfriend who was a complete psycho, completely crazy, and controlled my life.Everywhere that Rob Dyrdek goes everyone seems to be watching.With the success of his hit show “Rob & Big” on MTV, it was no surprise when his new show “Fantasy Factory” became an instant hit.

I realized how much I loved my ex-boyfriend and I lost so much time being able to be his friend and hang out with him because I was with some psycho that was controlling me.

I started listening to Tu Pac and really he is what inspired me. It's not a rap song, it's a poem, you know what I mean?

I'm really into the poetical aspect and putting together a story instead of just using a million metaphors that don't make sense.

If it's true we only tease the ones we love, Rob Dyrdek must have a sizable soft spot for Chanel West Coast.

The "Fantasy Factory" founder, who's spent years living out his childhood dreams on MTV, has also made it his mission to embarrass his loyal employees, and one bubbly blonde in particular. squirm, giggle and get so red in the face she could conceivably be confused for a fire hydrant.