Robert pattinson ashley greene dating dating sire senior

If the report is true then he is definitely her type: handsome, brunette and an indie rock star.Jackson recently thanked fans who showed up to the 100 Monkeys show at the El Rey theater.The Daily reports that the two stars were spotted “kissing throughout the night” during Jackson’s show over the weekend.The news may come as a shock (and a welcome surprise) to Twihards since Jackson and Ashley play on-screen lovers in the films.

She loves girly things -- but remembers little of her human life.

“#100Monkeys Love to everyone who came out to the El Rey last night,” Jackson tweeted after the show. Love & Respect, Jackson.” Ashley, for her part, did not make any mention of the show on her Twitter account.

Jackson and Ashley’s on-screen romance (as Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale) is one of the series’ most popular pairings (aside from Bella and Edward, of course).

The pair have even earned a celeb-like relationship name from fans (Jalice) and have been the subject of numerous fan-made videos.

Ashley Greene isn't necessarily worried about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's relationship -- she's more concerned about how the fans will react to it.