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just go read about how the male mind actually thinks and do not close yourself off from a lack of understanding regarding what I have studied ..if you care to read some of the books I have read I will be happy to send you some lists for you to get a deeper understanding without you touting that I am being insultive.You just have to be cautious and hope for the best.Also note there are dozens of spam profiles circulating on here, though they are usually fake female profiles set up to lure guys to paid dating sites.

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Another classic was coming across my cousin's cousin on this site. I've met some gems with missing hair (profile pic has a full head and less wrinkles), missing pounds (look like Marc Anthony is NOT athletic), missing inches (I'm 5'8" - all doctors confirm that.

a bullying woman can spot these victims a mile away... too bad or they would be much more desirable to themselves hence ....

hmmmmmm If the persual of a large knowledge base as a human is crap then , yup I am full of it ... attractive to themselves and then your aura would be all you would need to have em howling ........... "I'm your man...."Hey howbig, Do you actually date or just read books about dating? I guess knowing a guys history because that is "who" he is ,,, is not important..

As for the role of women in society changing .......

nah even though we have not suppressed choices, we are still almost always underpaid in job parity ... maybe you should read about some historical women who did plenty of stuff to influence the history of womankind..